Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Nature Product-HoneyBee

Today I need to complete the semi-D lot for 1760 & 1762 because the developer is chasing me again. I reach at the site is nearly 8 o’clock morning after having breakfast with my Andy.

We start the work as usual and the weather is not warm ever until 10 am. The sky is cloudy and our work is done in uninterrupted condition. Suddenly, there is a bee fly surrounding me and stop at my survey instrument.

I use my heart to tell this little bee: “Dear little bee, please don’t disturb me. I in rush.” The little bee seen understood what I try to tell him and the little bee fly away. But after a few minutes, it come again and plays around near to my survey instrument. Hence, I ask Andy from where this little comes from? Perhaps it lost the way home. Andy points his finger and tells me there is a bee farm just in-front our survey lot.

I stop at the bee farm after I completed the work. Never though there is a bee farm at Malacca. I used to buy honey when I worked in estate. In fact it is difficult to get the original honey from the market and normally the businessman will mix with water.

For those who do not know this natural product. I feel sorry to you. But, don’t worry; let me tell you the secret of this natural product.

Normally I used to greet my wife as “Honey” because it means sweet and I believe this is the best wording should the husband greet their wife. Ok. Turn back to the natural honey.

Honey is the natural sweet substance produced by honeybee from the nectar of blossoms or from the secretion of living parts of plants, which honeybee collected, transformed and combined with specific substances of their own, stored and leaved in the honey comb to ripen and matured.

Honey is the most important primary product of beekeeping both from a quantitative and an economic point of view. Honey is said to facilitate better physical performance and resistance to fatigue, particularly for repeated effort; it also promotes higher mental efficiency.

There is pretty vitamin of honey and for those who interests in details please e-mail me to get more information in Propolis, Royal Jelly, Bee pollen and Drone pupa. It is free. I wish you all will enjoy and be benefit from this natural product. It is good for health. Believe me. This is no an advertising program! Perhaps I will write on the next blog. Hungry and time for dinner.

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