Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Follow his footstep?

This is the website honey is looking for What to become his footstep? Good. Please carry on. Learn the idea from this website and do for your idea. I fully support you.


Svje said...

You wrote me some weeks ago, asking me how I learn English using blogs.

First of all I'm really sorry for answering you only now. It was quite impossible for me to do so before...

However, I am a university student of the University of Padua. I'm studing languages: English, Spanish and Croatian. This year (that is my last year) we have a new teacher who teach English using internet technology.

More precisely, through Blogger she creates a space ( where every week we have to do some e-tivities. Therefore every week we have to surf the net and have a look on different websites and after we have to add new posts on our own blogs where we comment our reserch on the net. Then we make comments on the posts my peers have done.

These e-tivities should help us to improve our vocabolary (we have to read many sites), our pronunciation and intonation (listening podcasts), and especially our writing skills (our teacher correct the mistakes we made writing our posts).

I hope you understand my explanation.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog.

Bye, bye.

ZILKO said...

Hi... :)

THX 4 ur visit... :)

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