Saturday, November 18, 2006

Finding Angel

My little poor Danish is fever after the hepatitis injection on yesterday. He vomited and refused to drink clinic medicine. His mum is damn worry and keeps on calling papa. Hence, I post the Danish problem to one of my friend which we have been lost contracted for long periods. She is 2 daughters’ mum and has vast experience in taking of baby and finally she recommended Pearl Powder Medicine to my poor Danish.

The medicine is really works. In fact, my mother has passed the Pearl Powder to me before Danish born. She bought from China when she was on vacation over there. But I forgot it until Auntie Elaine mentioned it.

Danish’s mum put half of the bottle pearl powder into his milk and he suck as usual. After sleep, Danish is getting better and this morning he is able to smile with his mum again. Thanks God. His mum still give the clinic medicine to him but this smart boy refuse to take because the bitter taste.

Anyway, thanks a lot Elaine for you appeal and the recommendation of Pearl Powder.

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