Thursday, November 09, 2006

Don’t write to make money

Couple days ago, I read an article from Personal Money November 2006 Issue titled as ‘So you want to write a book?’ It is a good informative article for those whom want to become an author!

The article emphasize on how to become a freelance author without quit the present job. What kind of best seller book should be written? This article is well written and gives me an idea for our blogger group. Do you notice that most of the website creator or blogger are writing how to make money? There are plenty and how many of us are purchasing. The percentage is damn low and even myself also look free product. Do you agree with me?

Look at our self. Why we surf? Definitely we are looking for information. Thus, the article recommends write self-help book or article which are the best around the world, such as

  • How to cook
  • How to use a computer more efficiently
  • How to be a better parent
  • Pretty ideas you can write and make your blog more informative

Author Khoo who writes about Sun Tzu’s Strategies emphasis on “Write not because you want to make money, but because you have something useful and important to share with others.”

Dear blooger, start write informative article and I sure your blog will be noticed in a day.

Thank you for read my view on “Don’t write to make money”.

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Carol said...

I so agree with what you have said! I Blog for my pleasure..and if someone finds something useful there..all the better. Thanks for the tip!