Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tasik Temenggor Discovery Island

This is one of my work in Tasik Temenggor in Perak State. If you view above photo, your mind will think this is an island. In fact, this is the peak of mountain and it is 250m from mean sea level. This area has been flooded for generate electric for TNB.

I can say that it is a great place and cause it greet as Discovery Island. I have been there year 2005 and survey 2 small island about 2 acres and today there should have resort on the island. Look more information, please kindly visit http://www.ttdi.com.my or email info@ttdi.com.my to find this great discovery island in Asean.

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Joshua said...

_86hi Lai,
This is Sue Lyn here. It is kinda surprise that you know tasik temenggor discovery island as well. how did you get to know this place?

Pls do response to my email- suelyn_86@yahoo.com